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With print runs from ten to five hundred, it's likely you've never seen many of the pamphlets that originally contained the stories presented in our comics and shops sections. The nature of minicomics and their creators is that of ephemeral fluctuation. Although there are several artists who go on to have successful careers in comics, many artists who showed much promise never found an audience large enough to break out of obscurity, and either remain on the fringes, or have given up on telling their stories.

Because of the small print runs, it is easy for the minicomic publisher to flail away with pen at paper for years, and still have people (even others entrenched in the "scene") ask "who?" when you mention the artist's name.

This website is dedicated to my fellow strugglers, past, present, and future; those who have given up, those who press on, and those who succeed in breaking out. It's an archive of love, and constantly under construction and expansion. Check back for updates. If you like what you read, please consider donating what you can; the suggested donation is a nickel per page read, through Paypal, though no attempted method of remuneration will be turned down. Mailing information is also provided for checks, money orders and concealed cash. But, ultimately, just enjoy the show, folks.

Eric Haven originally published the stories found here under the pen name "Joe Don Baker" back in the early '90's. He's since started publishing new books under his own name with Sparkplug Comicbooks, and continues to push the illustrative boundaries of comicbooks. His mastery of the surreal and existential narrative sneaks up on the reader, who is lured into a false sense of security by the tightly detailed renderings. The grounded realism that the reader begins with is soon turned on its ear; this is most evident in "So Cold, No Time".

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